FOI Request - Social Work Employer Standards

Request 101000302201

1.  a) Do you publish an annual “health check” to assess the practice conditions and working environments of the social work workforce in accordance with the Standards for Social Work Employers in England (hereon referred to in this request as Employer Standards)?

b) If yes, please attach a copy of your most recent “health check” report.

2.  a) Do you use a workload management system which sets transparent benchmarks for safe workload levels in each service area in accordance with Employer Standards? When was it introduced?

b) What is the benchmark for safe workload levels in your authority for each service area?

c) How many times in the last 12 months to 21 November 2014 has a social worker’s caseload exceeded the relevant benchmark?

d) Please attach any relevant documentation that illustrates your workload management system e.g. an example of forms used by social workers to evaluate complexity or level of their caseload.

3.  a) What percentage of social workers employed by your authority have received a minimum of an hour and a half of supervision in the last month as stipulated in the Employer Standards?

b) Do social workers in your authority receive reflective (or ‘clinical’) supervision in addition to case (or ‘managerial’) supervision? What proportion of their supervision is reflective?  

4.a) Do you publish information about average caseloads for social workers within your organisation?

b) If yes, please provide the average caseload held by social workers within your organisation on 21 November 2014.

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