FOI Request - Refused Planning Permission Resulting in Appeals

Request 101000302252

1. On how many occasions have you refused planning permission for housing developments in the past two years that have resulted in planning appeals?

2. How many of these appeals have you lost?

3. What were the dates of the appeal hearings, the site and size of each proposed development, and the name of the developer?

4. What costs, if any, were awarded against the council in each case?

And also if possible,

5. For each hearing/development listed in 3, an indication of whether the proposed development was in a rural environment.

Should 5. not be possible, or potentially push my request over the cost limit, I would request it is withdrawn and the request limited to 1-4.

Response 24-11-2014

Our response is based on housing developments ie. more than one dwelling.

1. None

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

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