FOI Request - Microchips in Household Bins

Request 101000303380

1.Can you tell me if you have microchips in household bins?

2.If so, what is the purpose of these and how much did they cost to install?

3.What information is taken from the microchips and how often is it taken?

4.How many microchips are there and how many households have them? What penalties can be incurred if households break bin rules and this is detected by microchips?

5.What breaches do the microchips pick up?

6.If the council does not currently have any microchips in bins, are there plans to introduce these?

Response 03-12-2014

1. No we do not have microchips in household bins.

2. N/A.

3. N/A.

4. N/A.

5. N/A.

6. No, we do not have any plans to introduce them.

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