FOI Request - Crimes Committed by Employees at Work

Request 101000305104

I am looking to find out about crimes that have allegedly been committed by Moray Council employees while at work from 2009 to today’s date.

1. How many incidents has the council reported to the police which are alleged to have occurred in council premises including (but not inclusive) schools, office buildings, depots etc?

2. A breakdown of  the type of incident (eg theft, pornography, assault) and numbers for each year from 2009 to today’s date.

3. If possible, please provide a breakdown of the premises these incidents allegedly happened at.

Response 19-12-2014

Qs 1&2:

2009 - 0

2010 - 1 (under influence of alcohol)

2011 - 1 (misappropriation of funds)

2012 - 3 (theft and assault)

2013 - 0

2014 - 2 (inappropriate conduct x 2)

3.  This information is exempt under section 36(2) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

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