FOI Request - Referendum Postal Vote Opening Observers

Request 101000305147

1. Can you please tell me the names of all the observers who were present at postal vote opening sessions ahead of the independence referendum on September 18, and the dates and locations of those sessions?

2. Also I would like to know which party or campaigning group each of those observers represented?

3. If it is not possible to provide names can you please provide the number of observers representing each party (eg five for the SNP, 3 for Tories etc)

4. Can you please also tell me whether your local authority has contacted police in relation to any suspected irregularity at these sessions (for example suspicions that information was illegally communicated to observers re: postal votes) and if so what was the outcome of any investigation, if known.

I would also like as much detail about the alleged incident as possible (eg date, location, broad nature of incident, which party was involved etc).

Response 05-12-14

The information that you requested is exempt in terms of section 17(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.  It is held by the Counting Officer. The Counting Officer is not subject to FOI legislation and as such is not required under that legislation to supply any of the information that they hold. 

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