FOI Request - C&YP (Scot) Act 2014 Section 50

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The information relates to Section 50 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 which sets out the duty of education authorities to consult on the delivery of early learning and childcare (see copy of relevant section below*).

We would like to request the following information:
1. for all authorities:

1.1. Confirmation of whether or not consultations have been carried out in relation to Section 50 of the Act

2. for authorities that have conducted consultations please provide the following details:

2.1. methods of consultation

2.2. how sample was selected

2.3. details of consultees demographic profile, including hard to reach groups

2.4. copies of results or reports produced as a result of the consultations

2.5. details of how feedback has been provided on the consultations

2.6. plans published as a result of the consultations

3. for all authorities:
3.1. Details of current or planned consultations with parents as required by the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, including methods, timescales, samples and proposals for feedback/publishing plans.  

* Section 50 of the Act states:
"An education authority must, at least every 2 years –
a) consult with such persons as appear representatives of parents of children under school age in its area about how it should make early learning and childcare available in pursuance of the Act.
b)having regard/had regard to views expressed, prepare and publish a plan for how it intends to make early learning and childcare available in pursuance

Response 08-01-2015

1.1  Yes

2.1  Survey Monkey, face to face interviews

2.2  Information was distributed via Moray Council website, Moray Firth Radio, Northern Scot, Moray Childcare Partnership, all LA and Partner Providers & private sector, Mumsnet, posters in local communities e.g. churches, community centres.

2.3  There were 114 responses across Moray.

2.4  See attachment

2.5  Through Moray Childcare Partnership and at Children and Young People’s Services Committee (February)

2.6  Further plans will be developed once the paper has been to Committee.

3.  The next consultation is planned to take place in July 2016.

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