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1.   How many FTE social workers do you have based in each of the acute hospitals which serve your area?

2.  How many of those social workers are specifically assigned to the assessment of patients who are likely to be placed, or who have been placed on the  delayed discharge data base?

3.  What operational standards do you have for the length of time to be taken to a) assign a social worker for an  assessment for a care package or care home place in the community. B) to undertake and complete the assessment c)put in place a care package, other than patients designated as code 9.

4.  What percentage of cases have met the standards in question 3 in the last quarter [October 1 –December 31st 2014)

5.  What action is taken where a patient assessed as requiring admission to a care home is unable to get immediate admission to their care home of choice?

6.  Do you have in place a) one or more ablement teams (a health and social care team who can prevent admission to hospital b) a reablement team (a health and social care team which assess the level of independent living and endeavours to maximise this)  

Response 11-02-2015

1. 2.5 WTE

2. 2.5 WTE

3a. Assigned as soon as referral has been screened.  If there needs to be a waiting list then this is managed 3 times per week and allocated as appropriate. Supported by Case Recording Procedure.

b. Assessed as soon as multi-disciplinary team have identified patient is medically fit for assessment.

c. Patients are placed on a waiting list for home from hospital care package and prioritised 3 times per week.  As soon as package is available patient is discharged with relevant care package.

4. 100%

5. Use interim care home placement to facilitate discharge and then progress to care home placement of choice once available.  This is supported by Moving On Policy.

6. Home from Hospital Team is a re-ablement team focused on maximising independent living.  The Access Team look at presenting admission through crisis intervention.

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