FOI Request - Various Nationalities Attending Schools

Request 101000319367

We would like to ask your Education Department tell us how many students of Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian origin currently attend the schools in your area.

We need this information in order to structure our teaching provision in Central and East European Studies to meet the demand from the graduates of your schools coming to the University of Glasgow.

Response 03-02-2015

This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information not held.

All local authorities use the ethnic background, national identity and language categories provided by the Scottish Government.  As at the September 2014 national census there were 215 students recorded with Polish as their main home language, and 6 students recorded as with their main home language as either Czech or Hungarian.  It should be noted that students from the countries you have listed may be recorded with English as a main language. 

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