FOI Request - Sex Offenders Treatment Programme

Request 101000324009

Does the council offer the Moving Forward, Making Changes sex offender treatment programme to Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs)?  If yes,

a) How many RSOs are currently receiving the programme?

b) How many RSOs are currently waiting to begin the programme?

c) How long is the waiting list? In other words, if an RSO applied to join the programme today, how long does the council expect it would currently take until he began the programme?

Response 27-02-2015

a)  In Moray there  are 8.    7 are completing the pre-programme work and 1 is currently on the group work programme.

b)  No-one is waiting to begin the programme as pre-programme work is an integral part of the MFMC programme.  

c)  No RSO would be applying to join the programme, they are completing the programme either as part of a programme requirement on a CPO or as a condition on a release licence.   They wouldn't 'wait' to start the programme as they would either be starting with the pre-programme work, or entering the programme at an appropriate stage depending on what work they have done in prison.

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