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This is a request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. I would be grateful if you could supply the following information in digital format, and if possible in the table below:

• Can you provide how many hours of PE are offered in each school per academic year?

Primary School         P1       P2     P3     P4    P5   P6   P7

Secondary School     S1       S2     S3     S4    S5   S6

Response 26-02-2015

It is a requirement of every primary school in Scotland to provide at least 2 hours of PE to all pupils and for every secondary school in Scotland to provide 100 minutes of PE to all pupils in S1-S4.

As pupils are in school on average 38 weeks per year, the figures are as follows:

Primary Schools

P1 - 76 hours

P2 - 76 hours

P3 - 76 hours

P4 - 76 hours

P5 - 76 hours

P6 - 76 hours

P7 - 76 hours


Secondary Schools

S1 - 63 hours

S2 - 63 hours

S3 - 63 hours

S4 - 63 hours

S5 - 0

S6 - 0

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