FOI Request - Boundaries Longmorn/Fogwatt

Request 101000360708

Could you tell me if the Longmorn/Fogwatt boundary has recently been redefined? I notice that the sign for Fogwatt, as you head south on the A941, has moved a couple of hundered meters North now. If so, does this mean my property is now located in Fogwatt?

Response 14-07-2015

The Nameplate sign for Fogwatt was replaced recently as the old one was in need of renewal.

Nameplates are generally positioned in line with the location of a speed limit and or settlement boundary.

The opportunity to reposition the nameplate was taken when the sign was being renewed. The settlement boundary for Fogwatt is identified within the Moray Local Plan 2015 Rural Groupings Supplementary Guidance which is the most up to date map. This is however the same within the Moray Local Plan 2008 which is still the current document until the 2015 document is formally adopted in the near future. The 2015 document can be found here; Fogwatt is shown on page 24 of the document.

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