Findrassie Masterplan Supplementary Guidance

Draft updated Findrassie Masterplan is currently being consulted on here

Findrassie is a major land release in the north of Elgin which is allocated in the Moray Local Development Plan (MLDP) 2015 for housing and employment uses as sites R11 Findrassie/Myreside and I8 Newfield. The total land area is 112 hectares which comprises 100 hectares of housing land with an indicative capacity of 1500 houses and 12 hectares of employment land for business uses. The site extends from Lossiemouth Road in the east to Duffus Road in the west and creates three new gateways into Elgin from the north. Findrassie has a 20-25 year timeframe for development.

The masterplan for Findrassie has been prepared by the landowner, Pitgaveny, in partnership with us.

Volume 1: The Vision/Masterplan

Volume 2: Design Code

Volume 3: Background Info

Findrassie Masterplan Supplementary Guidance
Findrassie is a landscape-led masterplan that reflects the traditional built form and open space of Elgin. The masterplan incorporates the following elements:

  • A central spine of open space or park which runs east/west and is the focus of Findrassie. This area contains a series of events such as an amphitheatre, sports pitches, and allotments and places of interest such as the school and local hub;
  • A range of housing densities and housing types from starter to family to retirement homes and self-build plots;
  • A centrally located school incorporating provision for community facilities with opportunities for outdoor learning via allotments and an amphitheatre;
  • A local hub with potential for a farm shop, incubator units and other commercial uses such as a nursery, with further provision for commercial units around the central open space;
  • Focal points and landmarks at key locations and a number of character areas with distinctive features which help people find their way around and identify with the development;
  • Integration of employment, residential and commercial development with good walking and cycling routes that are safe and pleasant linking these areas; and,
  • Recreational assets such as Findrassie woods and a large area of multi-use open space.

All of these elements will help create a new neighbourhood with its own identity and character where people can live throughout their lifetime.

Consultation Undertaken
The Findrassie masterplan was subject to public consultation at the key stages of preparation: concept option testing and draft masterplan.  The finalised masterplan reflects the comments submitted through each consultation.  Key agencies and council stakeholders have informed the masterplan from inception.  

Architecture & Design Scotland - Design Forum Review
The Findrassie masterplan has been the subject of a design forum review facilitated by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS). It has been categorised as ‘well-considered’ by A&DS with the partnership working between the landowner and us cited as ‘national best practice’.  Read a copy of A&DS final report(PDF).

Status of Supplementary Guidance
The finalised Findrassie masterplan was approved as Supplementary Guidance to the MLDP by the Planning & Regulatory Services Committee on 1 December 2015. The masterplan will carry significant weight in the determination of planning applications pertaining to LDP sites R11 Findrassie/Myreside and I8 Newfield.  

Implementation/Action Plan
An implementation/action plan is currently being prepared by the landowner and us to set out the delivery of infrastructure required to realise the vision of the Findrassie masterplan.  It is anticipated that the implementation/action plan will be reported for approval to a meeting of the Planning & Regulatory Services Committee in mid-2016.

Enquiries regarding the Findrassie masterplan can be emailed to or alternatively contact Eily Webster, Keith Henderson or Rowena MacDougall on 0300 123 4561.  

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