Moray Local Landscape Designation


In 2018, Moray Council conducted a blank canvas review of all landscapes across Moray including existing landscape designations.  The review identified 13 areas as our most valued landscape and designated them as Special Landscape Areas (SLAs).  The aim of this designation is to protect and enhance the special character and qualities of Moray’s most valued landscapes as well as promoting a greater understanding of them.

The final report on the review (see below) was approved by the Council’s Planning & Regulatory Services Committee on 18 December 2018.  The Committee also agreed that the proposed SLA designations replace the current Areas Of Great Landscape Value (AGLV), Coastal Protection Zone (CPZ) and Pluscarden Area of Special Control, and be incorporated into the Moray Local Development Plan (MLDP) 2020. The MLDP 2020 was formally adopted on 27 July 2020 and more information can be found here.

Moray Local Landscape Designation Review

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