British Red Cross: Crisis Fund

Moray Council is working in partnership with the British Red Cross to support the most financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The British Red Cross has provided a crisis fund which provides short term financial help for people who cannot afford essentials such as:

  • Food and toiletries
  • Somewhere safe to sleep
  • Access to a telephone and the internet
  • Fuel to keep the lights on, cook or stay warm


This crisis funding can help those who have:

  • No income, savings or welfare support (such as benefits or tax credits)
  • Experiencing delays to access income or welfare support

The crisis funding cannot help anyone who is:

  • In employment
  • Already receiving financial support from statutory (such as the DWP) or voluntary services
  • Receiving Asylum Support or any other state funded support
  • Has a pension
  • Income from savings
  • Receiving financial help from family or friends

Must also belong to one of the following risk groups:

  • People with No Recourse to Public Funds
  • People who have had disruption or delays to welfare benefits or asylum support
  • Households who have lost their primary earner to Coronavirus
  • Survivors of gender-based violence, including domestic abuse
  • People facing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation
  • People with a significant deterioration in their physical health  
  • People with a significant deterioration in their mental health
  • People required to shield


Payment of £100 will be made by way of a pre-payment card which will be posted out normally within 5 days of your referral to British Red Cross being made.  The card must then be activated by the recipient by following the instructions on the welcome letter sent with it.  The card can only be activated and used by the recipient named on it.

If the reason for crisis is likely to be longer term (e.g. more than a month), a further payment of £100 will be made four weeks after activation.  The final payment will arrive four weeks after that.

How to access the crisis fund

Anyone accessing support form the Money Advice Moray (MAM) team will automatically be considered for this crisis fund and, if you are eligible, they will make a referral to the British Red Cross on your behalf.  The MAM team will need your verbal consent before making the referral and they will advise you of the information passed to the British Red Cross in order that your payment can be awarded.

Please see our privacy notice on how we use your information.

To receive help from the MAM team and be considered for the British Red Cross Crisis Fund please telephone 0300 123 4563. If you're a support service and want to make a referral, you should complete a referral form.

The MAM team will also help you maximise your income though benefits, help with budgeting, manage your bills and debts.  They will also refer you to any other support service or available funding that is appropriate.  Appointments with the MAM team are all telephone based at this time.

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