Additional Guidance on NPF4 and MLDP 2020 Policies

MLDP Planning Policy Guidance

The above link has additional guidance on the following: 

PP1 Placemaking (Character and Identity, Healthier, Safer Environments, Housing Mix, Open Space/Landscaping, Biodiversity, Parking, Placemaking Statement Template, Cycle Parking and Storage, Street Layout and Detail

PP1/PP3 and EP5 Inclusive and Accessible Play

PP3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points & Car Sharing Spaces 

PP1/PP3 and DP1 Minimum Bedroom Size

DP1 Daylight and Sunlight Guidance

DP7 Retail/Town Centres

DP8 & EP4 Low Intensity/Impact Recreational & Tourism Uses

DP1 &DP10 Restoration and Aftercare of Excavated Mineral Sites

EP7 Forestry, Woodlands and Trees

EP10 Listed Buildings

EP13 Foul Drainage

Guidance on NPF4 policies can be found here.

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