Active Travel Strategy

The Council adopted Morays Active Travel Strategy 2022-2027 at the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee on 15th November 2022.

The new Active Travel Strategy aims to build on the increase in walking and cycling in Moray over the next five years.

The plan embeds the ethos that Active Travel has many benefits to both communities and individuals, and has a number of positive outcomes for public health, social inclusion, reducing the environmental impact of transport and for supporting local economic activity.

National priorities of walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport over single occupancy car use, will be embedded in Council decision making to address any challenges and achieve key priorities.

What does the strategy cover?

  • The strategy is a 5 year plan from 2022 to 2027 that aims to harness the increase in walking and cycling seen over the last 5 years. Having an up to date and relevant strategy will enable us to effectively continue to increase opportunities for safe, attractive and enjoyable active travel.
  • As part of the strategy, six objectives have been agreed, in consultation with key stakeholders, community groups and individuals with an interest in Active Travel.
  • From these objectives an action plan has been developed with detailed steps that need to be carried out to achieve the objectives. Details of how the key actions will be delivered, along with timescales, are included and will be subject to regular review.
  • The delivery of the draft Active Travel Strategy will be through the Council’s own programme of promoting sustainable and active travel, cross departmental work with other areas of the council, in addition to the ongoing partnership approach with external funders, the community and other interested parties.

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