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Local Place Plan - Update March 2024

The LPP template has now been finalised following consultation in word and pdf versions (see resources page).

The next quarterly meeting is being hosted on Tuesday 30th April at Elgin Library Gallery from 6:15pm to 8:00pm. Anyone who is interested in attending the meetings should email localplaceplans@moray.gov.uk.  The main areas of focus include engagement, key issues and information needs to inform LPP.

A resources section is under development with information to help communities develop their LPP.


The timeline for submission of a LPP is set out below. Further information on the timeline for the preparation of the Moray Local Development Plan 2027 can be accessed here.

Level Timeframe
Initial Meeting September 2023
Progress/Shared Learning Meetings Jan, April and June 2024
Draft LPP Sept 2024
Review LPP Oct 2024
Final LPP End 2024
Register LPP Early 2024
Proposed LDP 2025


Moray Council is preparing a new Local Development Plan and it is important that it is shaped by the views and aspirations of communities across Moray. This new plan will replace the Moray Local Development Plan 2020 and will set out a place based approach for the whole of Moray.

To allow communities to have a more direct role in the decisions that influence their place, when preparing the next Local Development Plan the Council must consider any registered Local Place Plan. These are community-led plans, setting out proposals for the development and use of land and offer communities the opportunity to develop proposals for their local area, expressing their aspirations and ambitions for future change. Once they have been registered by the planning authority, there is a legal responsibility to take them into account in the preparation of the Local Development Plan.

The Scottish Government has prepared a draft guide designed to help communities decide whether a Local Place Plan is the right thing for them, and how to go about preparing one. 

Draft Scottish Government Guidance on the preparation of Local Place Plans

The Council is inviting communities to prepare Local Place Plans so they can play a proactive role in defining the future of their places. To register an interest in preparing a Local Place Plan for your area please email localplaceplans@moray.gov.uk including details of the name of your community group and a map of the area you wish the Local Place Plan to cover.

Local Place Plans FAQ's

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