Wind Energy Policy Guidance 2013

* Please note: the Wind Energy Guidance Policy is currently under review.*

The guidance policy identifies areas of search for different scales of wind energy proposals as well as detailed policy requirements. One of the key influences on the guidance policy is a Landscape Capacity Study. The study divides Moray into a number of landscape character types and considers the capacity of each for four typologies (scales) of turbine. The typologies are:

 - Large- 80m and above to blade tip

- Medium- 50-80m to blade tip

- Small/ Medium- 35-50m to blade tip

- Small- 20-35m to blade tip

The study sets out detailed opportunities and constraints as well as detailed siting and design guidance for proposals under 50m. For complete information, please read the full guidance, landscape study and areas of search.

Find out more using maps and table about wind energy proposals in Moray and their planning status. 

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the guidance or Landscape Capacity Study, please contact Gary Templeton: or 01343 563470.

Community Benefit Guidance

Community benefits are voluntary contributions  and offer an opportunity for communities to share  in the rewards for their local energy resource. The key principle of the guidance is the local promotion of a national rate for onshore wind equivalent to £5,000 per MW per year. Other onshore technologies should also aspire to this level of contribution.

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