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Rothiemay Primary School

Rothiemay Primary School
Head Teacher
Mrs Karen Gray (Acting)
Rothiemay, Huntly, AB54 7LT
01466 711220
01466 711426
Web Address

No school website
Parent Council website: www.keithareaparentcouncils.org

School Roll

Pupil Roll - 43 as at
23 September 2014
Annual School Census - 23 September 2014

Parent Council

Rothiemay school consists of 3 classrooms, a time out room and library, a hall, and a playgroup room.  The children and staff are encouraged to take pride in their surroundings through, for example, attractive wall displays, litter collection and sensible and safe behaviour.  Outside we have a playground, a playing field and a lilac garden


School Handbook (PDF format) - paper version available on request from school
Scottish Schools Online webpage (includes school map and statistical information)


Education Scotland Report
Authority Follow Through Report

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