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Primary Schools

There are 45 primary schools within Moray.  Children with additional support needs receive support in units or bases and support for learning provision in mainstream schools.  Each school produces a School Handbook, which provides more information about the school.  In some cases schools may also have their own website.  Click on a school name from the list below for more details.

Aberlour Primary School Mary Avenue, Aberlour AB38 9PN
Contact: Mr Chris Burns, Head Teacher
Tel: 01340 871255 Fax: 01340 871076
Email: admin.aberlourp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Alves Primary School 1 Main Road, Alves IV30 8UR
Contact: Mr James Mcleman, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 850247 Fax: 01343 850475
Email: admin.alvesp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Anderson’s Primary School High Street, Forres IV36 1DB
Contact: Mrs Maureen Mooney, Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 672887 Fax: 01309 675934
Email: admin.andersonsp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Applegrove Primary School Orchard Road, Forres IV36 1PJ
Contact: Mrs Lesley Meehan, Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 672367 Fax: 01309 674978
Email: admin.applegrovep2@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Bishopmill Primary School Morriston Road, Bishopmill, Elgin IV30 4DY
Contact: Mrs Kathleen Blacklaw, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 547841 Fax: 01343 551437
Email: admin.bishopmillp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Botriphnie Primary School Drummuir, Keith AB55 5JF
Contact: Miss Gillian Findlay, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 810207 Fax: 01542 810387
Email: admin.botriphniep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Burghead Primary School Grant Street, Burghead IV30 5UQ
Contact: Mr Tristan Walker, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 835529 Fax: 01343 835439
Email: admin.burgheadp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Cluny Primary School South Pringle Street, Buckie AB56 1PX
Contact: Ms Claire Wood, Head Teacher 
Tel: 01542 831417 Fax: 01542 835863
Email: admin.clunyp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Craigellachie Primary School John Street, Craigellachie AB38 9SX
Contact: Mrs Shiobhan Woolgar, Head Teacher
Tel: 01340 881271 Fax: 01340 881537
Email: admin.craigellachiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Crossroads Primary School Grange, Keith AB55 6LX
Contact: Mrs Sheena Mearns, Acting Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 870221 Fax: 01542 870369
Email: admin.crossroadsp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Cullen Primary School Old Church Road, Cullen AB56 4UZ
Contact: Mrs Moyra Hendry, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 840279 Fax: 01542 841511
Email: admin.cullenp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Dallas Primary School Dallas IV36 2SA
Contact: Mrs Arlene Wilson, Head Teacher or Mr Ross Watson, Acting Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 890206 Fax: 01343 890456
Email: admin.dallasp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Dyke Primary School Dyke IV36 2TF
Contact: Mr Stephen Simpson, Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 641275 Fax: 01309 641612
Email: admin.dykep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

East End Primary School Institution Road, Elgin IV30 1RP
Contact: Mrs Gail McIntosh, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 542381 Fax: 01343552763
Email: admin.elgineastp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Findochty Primary School Burnside Street, Findochty AB56 4QW
Contact: Dawn Thomson, Head Teacher 
Tel: 01542 832287 Fax: 01542 835864
Email: admin.findochtyp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Glenlivet Primary School Ballindalloch AB37 9DA
Contact: Mrs Nancy Fraser, Head Teacher
Tel: 01807 590216 Fax: 01807 590332
Email: admin.glenlivetp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Greenwards Primary School Edgar Road, New Elgin, Elgin IV30 6UQ
Contact: Mrs Sarah Grant, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 541661 Fax: 01343 550656
Email: admin.greenwardsp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Hopeman Primary School School Road, Hopeman IV30 5TQ
Contact: Elaine Andrew, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 830281 Fax: 01343 835152
Email: admin.hopemanp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Hythehill Primary School Lossiemouth IV31 6RF
Contact: Mrs Susanne Gilbert, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 812014 Fax: 01343 815467
Email: admin.hythehillp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Inveravon Primary School Ballindalloch AB37 9BA
Contact: Mrs Mary Smith, Head Teacher
Tel: 01807 500217 Fax: 01807 500217
Email: admin.inveravonp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Keith Primary School School Road, Keith AB55 5ES
Contact: Mrs Elizabeth Beattie, Head Teacher 
Tel: 01542 882802 Fax: 01542 886916
Email: admin.keithp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Kinloss Primary School Burghead Road, Kinloss IV36 3SX
Contact: Mr Robert Hair, Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 690376 Fax: 01309 691548
Email: admin.kinlossp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Knockando Primary School Knockando AB38 7RY
Contact: Mrs Mary Smith, Head Teacher
Tel: 01340 810257 Fax: 01340 810623
Email: admin.knockandop@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Lhanbryde Primary School Garmouth Road, Lhanbryde IV30 8PD
Contact: Mrs Gillian Ross, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 842649 Fax: 01343 843285
Email: admin.lhanbrydep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Logie Primary School Dunphail, Forres IV36 2QG
Contact: Mr Iain Lunan, Acting Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 611258 Fax: 01309 611385
Email: admin.logiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Millbank Primary School  McWilliam Crescent, Buckie AB56 1LU
Contact: Mrs Rosemary Garrity, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 831113 Fax: 01542 831935
Email: admin.millbankp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary + enhanced provision for additional support needs

Milne’s Primary School High Street, Fochabers IV32 7EP
Contact: Mrs Juli Harris, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 820977 Fax: 01343 821499
Email: admin.milnesp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Mortlach Primary School York Street, Dufftown AB55 4AU
Contact: Mrs Sheena MacKinnon, Head Teacher
Tel: 01340 820268 Fax: 01340 820871
Email: admin.mortlachp2@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Mosstodloch Primary School Garmouth Road, Mosstodloch IV32 7JB
Contact: Mrs Liz Rennie, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 820476 Fax: 01343 821394
Email: admin.mosstodlochp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Mosstowie Primary School Miltonduff, Elgin IV30 8TY
Contact: Mr Garry Forgie, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 547119 Fax: 01343 551656
Email: admin.mosstowiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

New Elgin Primary School Bezack Street, New Elgin, Elgin IV30 6DP
Contact: Mrs Ellie Pirie, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 547587 Fax: 01343 552308
Email: admin.newelginp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Newmill Primary School Isla Road, Newmill, Keith AB55 6US
Contact: Mrs Heather Reid, Acting Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 882788 Fax: 01542 882637
Email: admin.newmillp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Pilmuir Primary School Pilmuir Road, Forres IV36 1HD
Contact: Mr Leslie Tulloch, Head Teacher
Tel: 01309 673034 Fax: 01309 671312
Email: admin.pilmuirp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Portessie Primary School School Road, Portessie AB56 1TN
Contact: Mrs Alison Vass, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 832288 Fax: 01542 835866
Email: admin.portessiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Portgordon Primary School Richmond Terrace, Portgordon AB56 5RA
Contact: Mrs Karen Murray, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 831198 Fax: 01542 835868
Email: admin.portgordonp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Portknockie Primary School King Edward Terrace, Portknockie AB56 4NX
Contact: Miss Karen Murray, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 840244 Fax: 01542 841512
Email: admin.portknockiep@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Rothes Primary School Green Street, Rothes AB38 7BD
Contact: Ms, Beverley Kirk, Head Teacher
Tel: 01340 831269 Fax: 01340 831380
Email: admin.rothesp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Rothiemay Primary School Rothiemay, Huntly AB54 7LT
Contact: Mrs Karen Gray, Head Teacher (Acting)
Tel: 01466 711220 Fax: 01466 711426
Email: admin.rothiemayp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

Seafield Primary School Deanshaugh Terrace, Bishopmill, Elgin IV30 4ES
Contact: Mrs Morven Snodgrass, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 547792 Fax: 01343 552963
Email: admin.seafieldp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

St Gerardine Primary School St Gerardine Road, Lossiemouth IV31 6JX
Contact: Mrs Stephanie Gibson, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 812251 Fax: 01343 812087
Email: admin.stgerardinesp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

St Peter’s RC Primary School 37 St Peter’s Terrace, Buckie AB56 1QN
Contact: Ms Amanda Feeley, Head Teacher
Tel: 01542 831339 Fax: 01542 835867
Email: admin.stpetersp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

St Sylvester’s RC Primary School Abbey Street, Elgin IV30 1DA
Contact: Mrs Christine Jackson, Head Teacher 
Tel: 01343 541453 Fax: 01343 550672
Email: admin.stsylvestersp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

St Thomas RC Primary School Chapel Street, Keith AB55 5AL
Contact: Mrs Veronica Nicol, Acting Head Teacher 
Tel: 01542 882256 Fax: 01542 886841
Email: admin.stthomasp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

Tomintoul Primary School Cults Drive, Tomintoul AB37 9HA
Contact: Mrs Nancy Fraser, Head Teacher
Tel: 01807 580271 Fax: 01807 580464
Email: admin.tomintoulp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Pre-School, Primary

West End Primary School Mayne Road, Elgin IV30 1PA
Contact: Mr Gordon Barron, Head Teacher
Tel: 01343 543161 Fax: 01343 550575
Email: admin.elginwestp@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Education provision: Primary

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