Admissions Procedure - Primary School

We’ve got all the information you need to apply for a school place at a Moray primary school.

Enrolment for P1 in 2023

School enrolment for pupils starting P1 in August 2023 will take place exclusively online, except in absolutely exceptional circumstances.  The registration window this year will take place from Monday 16th January 2023 - Friday 27th January 2023.

If your child is five years old on or before 14th August 2023 or if they turn five between 14th August 2023 and 29th February 2024, they are eligible to start school in August 2023.

The online school registration form will guide you through your options for registering your child, which include:

  • Register at local catchment school
  • Register at local denominational school - if your child has a Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate, you will be required to upload it as part of the application process.  If your child does not have a baptismal certificate you will need to make a placing request, the registration form will guide you through this process.
  • Register at another school (placing request) - if you wish to register at a school other than your zoned catchment school, this is called a Placing Request and the school registration form will gather the relevant details from you.  Requests for P1 admission are considered in March, after all catchment positions have been assigned.
  • Education by Other Means (home education)

The whole registration process, including placing requests, should now be completed online. You'll need to have scanned copies of your child's birth certificate and proof of address to upload and submit online, a clear photograph of these documents will also suffice.

Register your child

If you wish to enrol at one of our Roman Catholic schools, in addition to the documentation above, you will also be required to provide your child's Roman Catholic Baptismal certificate.  If your child does not have a Baptismal certificate you will need to register your child for the local catchment school, and make a placing request to attend the Roman Catholic school.

If you have missed the January deadline to register your child for P1, please contact your catchment school to inform them, but continue with the online registration.

Deferred entry – If your child’s fifth birthday falls between the first day of the school term in August and the last day of the following February, you may choose to defer entry to primary school and continue in funded Early Learning and Childcare (Nursery) for an additional year.  

Early entry – If your child is born after the cut-off date for enrolment, you have the right to request that they are admitted to school early. Each early entry request is treated individually.

Applying for a school place during the school year

Register your child

If your child is already school age and you are moving to or within Moray. You can apply online for a school place.  You are required to provide your child’s birth certificate and proof of address as part of your application.  Please note this process should also be completed online, except in exceptional circumstances where you are unable to apply online.  

Transfer between Moray Schools or Change of Address Within Moray

If your child is already registered and attending a Moray School, but you wish to move them to an alternative Moray school, please complete our Placing Request Form.  If your child currently attends a school in Moray and you change address and now reside out with the schools catchment, you must also complete our Placing Request form. Read more about Placing Requests

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