Information for Parents and Carers - Deferred Entry

What does “deferred entry” mean and is my child eligible?

If your child’s 5th birthday falls between the date that the school term begins in August and the last day of the following February you can choose either to enrol your child for the August before he/she reaches the age of 5 or to delay his/her enrolment in school until the following August.  Taking the choice to delay enrolment for a year is known as “deferring entry”.

Why would I defer entry for my child?

There should always be sound educational reasons for deferring entry.

The Moray Council considers that provision made for 3 and 4yr olds in Moray should ensure that only in exceptional circumstances should a child’s entry to school be deferred.

Given that your child will have been in early learning and childcare for at least a year any concern regarding readiness for school will have already been drawn to your attention.  Any decision therefore should be a shared one between parents and Education and Social Care.

If you have not made a definite decision when it is time to register your child for school in January, you can simply register your child for both school and early learning and childcare, indicating that you are considering deferring entry.  This will keep both options open to you whilst you decide whether or not to defer entry.  However, it would not be advisable to leave the decision later than April as your child would miss out on the induction to Primary 1 programmes run by schools should you then decide not to defer.

Can I register for both primary education and pre-school education to keep my options open?

It is always better to register for Primary education if you want to secure a place in the school of your choice.

If I decide I want to defer entry, what should I do next?

If you are considering deferred entry please ensure you discuss this fully with your child's early learning and childcare provider and the primary school your child would be attending.

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