Life Skills Central Ltd

Ali Mullins
01343 550207

The target group is 16 +

Stage 1 - Life Skills operates an extensive and comprehensive outreach engagement.

Stage 2 - Having undertaken robust customer assessment, Life Skills delivers an extensive range of accredited and non-accredited core skills, key skills, pre-vocational and vocational skills. Work experience is a key feature of our service design and delivery.

Stage 3 - Life Skills has relationships with 15,000 employers in Scotland, supporting 6,000 unemployed customers per-annum. Sustainable employment is the ultimate aim of our provision, which includes open employment, supported employment, MA's and extensive employer/employee aftercare support.

Stage 4 - Our Employer facing advisers/trainers continually upgrade their knowledge of local labour markets, providing effective link between employers and jobseekers. We often provide bespoke training for specific employers; offering a full pre-recruitment, recruitment and in-work support menu for employers. Our Work Programme performance in Moray is amongst the highest in the UK.

Stage 5 - We deliver extensive aftercare to ensure sustainability of opportunity - a key part of the Life Skills ethos and vision. We provide telephone and personal aftercare, relevant to the employee and the employer. We provide a 24/7 helpline for customers and employers, ensuring that we support employers and employees as quickly and effectively as possible.

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