Skills Pipeline Overview of Services

Moray Skills and Training Pipeline

In line with similar developments across Scotland the Skills Pipeline is a key element in Moray’s employability and employment strategy. The Pipeline provides a route map identifying national and local service provision that is available to support people into employment through a staged process, at the core of which, is the identification of individual need.

The Pipeline is very much a live document , reliant on the participating organisations  to provide updates on a regular basis to ensure information is relevant and accurate.

Whilst the Pipeline will provide staff throughout the employability partnership with information that will be helpful in their day to day contact with clients it is hoped that it will be of direct use to people to obtain a clear picture of the range of services available in Moray

Stage 1 - Engagement; Assessment; Referral

Pipeline Definition
Provide baseline for the appropriate level of intervention and support.

Examples of Potential Delivery
Implementing Senior Phase curriculum and focussed work experience.
Pre school leaving Plan (transition-Universal-additional support needs).
Local Integrated Support Plan.
Care leaver support/plans.
Public/third sector organisations in contact with specific young people.
SDS as clearing house (16-18).
DWP (18+).

Management of referrals and engagement.

Individuals picked up assessed and tracked  in a timely manner.
Identification of needs and supporting those most distanced from the labour market.

Please use the link below to find out, which organisations are included in Stage 1:

Stage 1 - Engagement; Assessment; Referral

Stage 2 - Barrier Removal; Specialist Provision; Core Skills

Pipeline Definition
Providing a foundation for employability skills, personal development and core skills, including work experience.

Examples of Potential Delivery
Specialist support for target group; work preparation; personal and life skills; IAG; core skills; and work experience. Dealing with specific barriers for example homelessness/drug and alcohol/health /home circumstances.

SCQF credit rated pre-employability / personal development / core skills provision of at least 18 SCQF credit points at Level 3 or above.

Employment, self-employment, Modern Apprenticeship, more advanced learning or progression to L3.

Please use the link below to find out, which organisations are included in Stage 2:

Stage 2 - Barrier removal; Specialist provision; Core skills

Stage 3 - Vocational Activity & Work Focussed Training

Pipeline Definition
Support for individuals in preparing for and sustaining employment, including entry to Modern Apprenticeships and work experience.

Examples of Potential Delivery
Vocational training for core skills and links to local labour market opportunities; work experience related to vocational training and employability skills

Utilising employer incentive scheme

SCQF credit rated employability / vocational provision of at least 18 credit points at level 4 or above.

Pipeline definition.

Please use the link below to find out, which organisations are included in Stage 3:

Stage 3 - Vocational activity & work focussed training

Stage 4 -  Employer Engagement & Support, Job Matching, Broking

Pipeline Definition
Directly enabling individuals to access jobs, including work experience.

Examples of Potential Delivery
Industry specific courses with qualifications; customised training for employment; and work experience.
Economic development and business growth.

Employer or industry certification.

Employment, Self-employment or MA.

Please use the link below to find out, which organisations are included in Stage 4:

Stage 4 -  Employer engagement & support, job matching, broking

Stage 5 -  In Work Support, After Care, Skills Development

Pipeline Definition
In-Work support; skills development monitoring; signposting; entrepreneurial support.

Examples of  Potential Delivery
Support to help employee retention
Initiatives to encourage development
Initiatives to enable disadvantaged young people and adults to enter apprenticeships
Training/support for self employed

In house /external Development programmes available.

Employers supported/ encouraged to develop their workforce.
Individuals have the information/ knowledge / skills to develop their career.

Stage 5 -  In work support, after care, skills development

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