23 High Street, Elgin
IV30 1EE
01343 610500


Arrows offers a single access point for people living in Moray who are 16 years and over seeking support in tackling their substance misuse. The service provides access, support, assessment and onward referral to other specialist services.

Stage 1 – Employment needs are discussed and identified through the assessment process. Referrals can be made to employment/volunteer services to meet the needs that are identified through the assessment process.

Stage 2 - Arrows can work with clients at this stage by providing interventions to deal with their substance misuses issues that maybe acting as  a barrier to employment and other opportunities leading to employment.

The service will support clients to gain self-esteem and confidence  through a groupwork programme which includes an employment group with access to a computers and support from an employment adviser.

Stage 3 - Supports individuals to maintain a daily structure, provide information on other services within the local community that may support them into employment paid or unpaid.

Stage 4 - Signpost clients to draw up CVs, give access to computer to look at and apply for vacancies online.

Stage 5 - The service works with individuals that are already engaged in employment and have presented because of their substance use affecting their employment. Clients are supported to address their substance use and maintain or get back to their employment and place of work.

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