Empty Homes Loan Fund

In some circumstances, the Moray Council may be able provide an interest free loan up to a maximum of £15,000 per property  to bring an empty property back into use.

Qualifying criteria are:

  • Properties must not be derelict
  • Properties must be located within a settlement boundary as defined in the Local Development Plan.
  • Properties must be located in an area of significant housing demand.
  • Properties must have been empty for at least 6 months prior to application.
  • Properties must meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS) upon completion of works.
  • Properties must be sold at an affordable price, or rented at an affordable rent until the loan is repaid
  • Loans are not for owner occupiers

Application requirements:

  • At least 3 fully costed and itemised schedules of works from different contractors will be required. These must specify the total costs to undertake works and state whether or not costs includes VAT.
  • Projects involving major works require the appointment of an independent agent, architect, surveyor or equivalent to specify, tender and supervise the works.
  • Any breach to loan conditions will result in requirement of loan to be repaid in full with any associated costs also being recoverable from the owner. 
  • The award of loan will be recorded on property title.
  • The loan will be secured by a financial charge.

Empty Home Loan application process – what to do if you want to apply

  1. Contact the Empty Homes Officer on 0300 1234566 to discuss property details and, where necessary, arrange a site visit to establish if your property is suitable to apply to the scheme;
  2. Submit a pre-application form with supporting documents. The pre-application will be assessed to determine if eligible and meets the minimum criteria.

Following the outcome of your application, the Empty Homes Officer will contact you to discuss options.

If applying for a loan and you have already submitted your pre-application which has been assessed and accepted, a formal application should now be submitted together with any additional evidence required. All empty homes loans are discretionary; you will be notified of the outcome of application in writing.

Documentation required for a loan application


  • The applicant(s) must declare they are registered owner/s of the property;
  • The property must have been empty for 6 months;
  • Repair/improvement works schedule and estimated costs.

Formal application

  • Proof of identification for each applicant;
  • A copy of the recorded disposition/land certificate;
  • Valuation certificate / proof of equity;
  • 3 estimates and schedules of planned repair works;
  • Savings/capital (where capital contribution is required);
  • Building warrant / Planning permission (where applicable);
  • Buildings Insurance (and contents where applicable);
  • Consent from lender.


The pre-application and formal application stages will be assessed and prioritised against the following factors:

  • Housing need and demand
  • Location
  • Length of time property has been empty
  • Condition of property
  • Action taken by owner

Loan Repayment Guide

This table provides empty home owners with estimated repayment terms for loan funding, which is subject to change.  Interest rates and annuity will be confirmed on an individual basis when an application is approved.  Please note loan repayments and management fees will be deducted from any rental income received.

Council Tax Band


Empty Homes Loan amount


Loan date


Renovation works term (weeks)


Works completion/ Tenancy start (date)


Current Local Housing Allowance/ maximum rent chargeable (per week)


Loan repayment term (weeks)


Weekly loan repayments


Interest rate


Loan repayment deadline (max 5 years)


Other help for home owners


Trudi Leech

Home Improvement Officer / Empty Homes Officer

The Moray Council

PO Box 6760


IV30 9BX

Tel: 0300 1234566

Email: Trudi.leech@moray.gov.uk

Applications will be subject to an assessment and successful applications will only be processed if there are funds available.

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