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Welcome to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Moray. 

Parents and carers are an integral part of the support that young people need to help them make the most of their DofE adventure. The volunteers, who freely give their time, energy and knowledge to run DofE programmes in our Schools and Centres, will work with your child/ward to help them achieve a rewarding and enjoyable DofE journey. Nonetheless, your support and encouragement will make a big difference their overall experience.

The Moray Council's DofE web pages will give you information on how to get your child/ward started on their DofE programme and you will find links to enrolment forms on the Participants page. 

We encourage parents to learn more about the Award. DofE have produced a leaflet that is a really useful introduction to the Award and how you can support  your child. Please use this link to the Parents/Carers Leaflet.

Young people need to record their DofE activity using an on-line system called eDofE to complete their Award. One of the more practical roles you can play is to remind your child to keep their eDofE record up to date. This link provides more information on eDofE. Look for the bitesize guide for participants.

There is a lot more information available on the website. Doing your DofE contain lots of useful links to information on getting started and the DofE sections.

If you would like to get involved as an adult volunteer you can find more information here.

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