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Before submitting a participation request it is strongly recommended that you read the Scottish Government’s Participation Request Guidance for Community Participation Bodies. While Community Participation Bodies have the right to make a participation request at any time, the guidance recognises the importance of contact with the relevant authority before making any request. Community Participation Bodies are strongly recommended to contact us and discuss their proposal at an early stage.

Part 3 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 process is as follows (extract from Scottish Government, Participation Request Guidance):

• A community participation body puts forward a participation request to a public service authority asking them to take part in a process with a view to improving the outcome set out by the community body.
Eligibility of submission will be determined by the local public authority based on Scottish Government guidance.  If a valid submission is received;
• The public service authority must agree to the request and set up an outcome improvement process unless there are reasonable grounds for refusal (explanation must be provided upon refusal).
• The timescale and process of the outcome improvement process will be discussed with the community participation body upon submission of a participation request.
• At the end of the process the public authority must publish a report on summarising the process, whether the outcomes were improved and how the community body contributed that improvement.

Application Form

We have prepared a Participation Request form to help make sure that you provide all the information needed for a valid participation request. You do not need to use this particular form to make a request, but you must provide all the required information.

In terms of section 4 of the Procedure Regulations, a participation request is not treated as having been made until all required information is received. Chapter 3 of the Scottish Government Participation Request Guidance lists what is required and gives guidance on what should be considered.

We advise you discuss your proposals with a member of the Community Support Unit team who manage Participation Requests prior to submission.

Participation Request Form (Word)         Participation Request Form (PDF)

Please complete and return any Participation Request applications by emailing CSU or by post to: Moray Participation Request Team, Community Support Unit, Moray Council Offices, High Street, Elgin IV30 1BX

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