FOI Request - Houses

Request 101002406359

1. How many dwelling houses Moray Council has responsibility for
2. How many dwelling houses which Moray Council has responsibility for are vacant and how long they have been vacant for
3. How many of the vacant dwelling houses Moray council has responsibility for are fit for human habitation
4. The number of people currently on a waiting list for a house from Moray Council

Response 11-03-2020

1. 6150 properties as at 31st December 2019.

2. 69 properties are vacant as of 18/02/2020.

These 69 properties taken together have been vacant for a total of 4532 Days - this is an average of 65.7 days void.

We have excluded properties used as temporary accommodation from the count of void properties along with 2 properties which are long term voids and are currently being considered for disposal.

3. All of our properties are fit for human habitation and are void due to void repairs being carried out.

4. We operate 3 housing lists (general waiting list, transfer list and homeless list) and there are currently 3659 applicants on our list broken down as follows:

Homeless list - 102
Waiting list - 2947
Transfer list - 610

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