FOI Requests - Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

Request 101002408026

1. How many electric vehicle charging points have the council installed in the local authority? (split slow/medium/fast) 2. How many do you plan to install over the next year? (split slow/medium/fast) 3. How much has currently been budgeted for electric vehicle infrastructure? 4. Are you receiving funding/grants for electric vehicle infrastructure from central government? 5. Are you paying for the capital expenditure of the electric vehicle infrastructure EV points or is it are they being installed for free as part of a profit share/rental model? 6. If you have paid for the capital expenditure, are you generating a profit? 7. Do you think the LA is sufficiently prepared with electric vehicle infrastructure for the anticipated increase in demand for electric vehicles? 8. Are you able to provide any usage data for the chargepoints installed?

Response 10-03-2020

1) Currently there are 10 Publically Accessible EV Chargers  in Moray that have been installed by the Council. They are broken down as follows :-

5 Fast
4 Medium
1 Slow

2) Current funding  from Transport Scotland will see the following installed over 2020 and other sites are still being identified and researched.

3 Fast
10 Medium

3) We currently have £290,000.00 of Grant Funding Available to spend between now and April 2021. Some of this funding is already allocated and needs to be claimed by the end of this month.

4) Yes - All funding is received from Transport Scotland in the form of a grant, which covers supply and installation of chargers and warranty/service costs.

5) See above

6) N/A

7) In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that this information is not recorded. 

8) During 2019 the total number of visits to Moray Council Chargers was 1404.

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