Draft Climate Change Strategy

Since declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency, cross-party and cross departmental collaborative working has been undertaken to develop a draft Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for Moray. The strategy sets out how the council will continue to reduce its carbon emissions that cause global warming, adapt to changes in our climate, and improve sustainability. We have worked to build a strategy that is both ambitious and achievable, that will create a pathway for the Council to reach net-zero carbon by 2030 and to help shape ongoing alliances with partners and the wider Moray community.

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our times. It can be difficult to know what we, as individuals, can do to make a difference and help reduce the impacts of climate change but we all need to act. Moray Council recognises the role that leading by example at a local level can make on reducing carbon emissions, and on improving sustainability.”

Tackling these issues will also help to reduce inequalities. Improved energy efficiency of homes will also reduce fuel poverty. Walking and cycling rather than driving improves air quality and physical activity levels, and leads to significant health and wellbeing improvements.

Priority areas and actions have been identified to focus our efforts within the Council, together with actions that require to be delivered in collaboration with others. We recognise the importance of working in partnership with our local communities, businesses, organisations and individuals to achieve this goal.

And this is where we now need you – to help us shape and develop the draft strategy, targets and actions so that it best reflects the ambition of all of Moray, not just the council.

The council is keen to hear people’s views on its proposals for how both the council, and Moray as a whole, including local communities, businesses, organisations and individuals, can tackle climate change.

You can take part in our survey online, which will be open from 4th September 2020 and 30th October 2020 or email: climatechange@moray.gov.uk for more information. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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