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Action Marine Park Ref 038 (OPEN - 4 June CLOSE - 29 June)

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Copies of asset transfer requests and any documents/information accompanying said request will be made available here until the request process is complete. Any representation made about the request will also be made available.

In order to comply with data protection requirements, any personal information will be redacted from these documents before they are published.

Asset transfer request processes that are complete will be archived and made available online. This will assist community transfer bodies in knowing if previous requests have been made, and refused, for the same property.

The asset transfer request listed below show the date of submission and the asset it relates to. Each request will also show the dates of the representation consultation period (20 working days). All representation received will be copied to the community transfer body for their comments, and will then be published.

In order to comply with data protection requirements, any personal information will be redacted from this information before being sent to the community transfer body and publication.

You can make a representation during the consultation period by completing the online form, sending us an email or by letter to the address below.

Please note if you submit representation during a consultation period you may be contacted at a future date if a asset transfer request appeal/review is submitted by the CTB.  By submitting representation you are agreeing to this.


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Action Marine Park Ref 038 (OPEN - 4 June CLOSE - 29 June) *NOW CLOSED*

Asset: Marine Park, Lossiemouth

Community Transfer Body: Action Marine Park

Collated Responses sent to Action Marine Park for comment on 4 July 2018.

Action Marine Park Responses to the above submitted Consultation Responses.

Please note that any personal information has been redacted from the content of the below published documents as part of AMPs asset transfer request.
038 AMP Asset Transfer Request Form
038 AMP Status Update regarding Grass Cutting
038 AMP Constitution
038 AMP SCIO Confirmation
038 AMP Financial Statements/Cash Flow 2013-2017
038 AMP Financial Statements/Cash Flow Update 24/04/2018
038 AMP Asset Site Map
038 AMP Business Plan
038 AMP Equality & Diversity Policy
038 AMP Consultation/Survey Results by Mackenzie Consulting
038 AMP Framework Study by NB Planning Architecture

Please note the document referred to as ‘Trustee Bio’ within the asset transfer request submission by AMP has not been published due to the content being of a personal nature and not pertinent to the application.

Policy & Resource Committee Decision Notice issued to Action Marine Park 28 November 2018


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