FOI Request - Antisocial Behaviour Cases

Request 101002655196

1. Please advise how many antisocial behaviour reports/cases have been reported since March 2020?

2.  Please advise how many of these have been closed with investigation or any action?

3. Please advise how many of these cases have been followed up and action taken?

4. Please advise what action will be taken to follow up these case when COVID procedures are in place for staff to continue their duties?

Response 8.01.21


Housing ASB - 313 (this includes all priorities - A to D)
ASB module - 310


Housing ASB - 170
ASB Module - 259 (this includes all those sitting at FPN as these would have been completed)


There is no obvious code on the computer system for follow-up for any of the ASB cases. To retrieve this data would require looking through every case individually. This response is therefore exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Excessive cost of compliance. 


As restrictions ease , officers will investigate open cases and take any action appropriate in the circumstances.

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