FOI Request - Breakfast Provision In Schools

Request 101002684640

I would be very grateful if you could please tell me:

•            Do you fund school breakfast provision in your council area?
•            If so, can you please tell me the number of schools you provide for, and differentiate between the number of Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools?
•            Do you partner with any other external organisations (i.e. charities, catering companies etc.) to deliver this? If so, can you tell me who you work with please?
•            Do you have any eligibility criteria for which schools you support?
•            Are breakfasts provided free of charge, or is there a cost?
•            What eligibility criteria do you use to determine which children are eligible for free school breakfasts?

I understand there is a capacity in the amount of information you can provide in one FOI, due to cost limits. If it is still feasible and does not go over the allocated time/cost, could you also please tell me:
•            What does your council’s breakfast model look like? If you could specify, I would be very grateful if you could tell me here how breakfasts are provided (i.e. grab and go; in the classroom; in the canteen before school starts; home packages etc.); during what times breakfasts are provided; and what foods are available at the breakfast clubs?

Response 09.02.21

1. Yes
2. 8 Secondary Schools; 7 Primary Schools 

3. No 

4. No 

5. Free 

6. Open to all.  Pupils who receive free school meals or are identified as vulnerable are encouraged to attend.
7. Breakfasts are served in school halls, canteens, school hubs, classrooms. Times vary but are usually between 08:00 - 08:50.  Pupils have a choice of cereals, fruit, bakery items, yoghurts, breakfast bars, fruit juice, milk, water.

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