FOI Request - Working From Home

Request 101002688176

Can you please provide details on which departments are working from home during the current coronavirus pandemic?

Can you please provide details of the departments who are working from an office base and the reason they are not given support to work from home?

Can you please provide information on the future plans Moray Council have with working from home arrangements?

Response 15-02-2021

1. and 2. Over the course of the pandemic every service within Moray Council had staff working from home to differing degrees. The level of home working was in the most part dictated by the nature of the service. For example Environmental & Commercial services required more staff to work at work but not in an office environment. 

In the week ending 13 December 20% of all Moray Council staff worked from home. Of the services that are predominantly office based the working from home proportions ranged from 42.4% to 65.1%. The proportions working in the office for the same services ranged from 15.5% to 37.1%. The proportions do not add up to 100% as staff sickness and annual leave account for the remainder.

3. Moray Council has a longstanding flexible working policy which is currently being reviewed due to the significant progress made towards supporting homeworking where possible for some sections of the workforce.  

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