EIR Request - Dog Fouling Offences

Request 101002690957

I'm looking for some information on Dog fouling, waste bins and Dog fouling offences.

I would be particularly interested in the numbers of cases reported and the number of convictions in the last financial year and the year before that of dog fouling offences.

I wonder also if you could help me with the following questions:

Do you have a ground map or number of dog poo bins in Keith?
what are the criteria for the placement of bins?
What criteria needs to be met to apply for additional bins to be placed in a town?
What if any is the criteria for allocation of bins versus dog numbers.
Do you have leaflets, posters or any campaign literature to encourage dog owners to pick up there poop and bin it?
We would greatly appreciate any you sharing any resources that might help our group spread the word of good dog ownership in regards to waste on walks especially as more people are increasing there daily dog walks due to covid restrictions.

Response 19.02.21

1. We don't have a current location map, but within Keith there are: 10x dog bins, plus 37x Plaza bins, 12x Pole bins and 1x 240ltr Stanchion bin, all accept bagged dog dirt.

2. There is no set criteria, we will review any request for bin placements. Review includes things such as: number of bins within area, footfall, accessibility for servicing, responsibility for area, etc.

3. As above.

4. This is not taken into account as it's difficult to account for dog numbers in any particular area as people will travel to various destinations to walk dogs, so although an area may be popular with dog walkers, the actual number of dogs living within the vicinity may be low.

5. The Anti Social Behaviour team will be happy to assist with posters etc.  Please contact them at antisocialbehaviour@moray.gov.uk and confirm the location/area so that they can check to make sure that no other group/Community Council have already put information in the same area.

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