FOI Request - Social Care Case Management

Request 101002679734

The information requested is as below;
1. The system you are currently using for your social care (Adult/Children)
2. The contract end dates for that system
3. The number of users
4. The value of those contracts
5.  If there are any plans to go to market for a new case management system
6. If the council was in a position to procure a new adult's (and/or) children's social care case management systems, who would be the person to lead that procurement process?

Response 02-02-2021

1. CareFirst
2. 31/03/21
3. 447 users
4. £79,000.67
5. A project board was established just prior to the pandemic to look at replacing CareFirst but is currently on hold due to the focus on the pandemic response
6. Head of Adult Services, and the Commissioning Manager for Adult Services. 

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