FOI Request - Highway Maintenance Procurement

Request 101002674867

I am writing to Moray Council because your authority has responsibility for highways (please note that the terms ‘highway’ and ‘road’ are used interchangeably).
Could you provide us with the following information:
1. Which company or organisation carries out your general highway maintenance work?
(Note: This is who actually works on the roads. For example, this could be your own highways workforce or a term maintenance contractor)
2. Road marking is normally a specialist task, which is carried out or procured externally by the road maintenance organisation. Which company or organisation carries out your authority’s road marking work?
(Note: For example, this could be an in-house road maintenance workforce, a highway term maintenance contractor or a specialist sub-contractor employed by them)
3. What is your authority’s approximate annual spend on road marking including any related work such as high friction surfacing, crack and joint sealing etc.
4. When does the current contract or arrangement, which includes road marking and related work, end?
5. In order to be considered for future road marking or any other road work, how should we register our interest?

Response 04.02.21

1. Moray Council, Roads DLO

2. Small scale hand lining is done by Moray Council, Roads DLO.  Larger scale lining is done by an external contractor, currently Central Traffic Management Limited – that contract includes mechanical removal of existing markings, spray lining, extruded lining, coloured markings, high friction surfacing and road studding.

3. The previous contract ran for 3 years (17/18, 18/19 and 19/20) and averaged £67,500 per year.

4. The current contract is for 5 years and is due for renewal March/April 2025.

5. The contract is tendered using Public Contracts Scotland (PCS-T).

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