FOI Req: Collision Investigation And Prevention

Request 101002700407

1. Do you have a policy in place to support your approach to Collision Investigations and Prevention and the schemes you put forward for delivery?
2. If the answer to Q1 is yes, can you please provide a copy of this policy?
3. If the answer is no to Q1, do you plan to implement a policy in the near future?
4. Do you undertake an annual collision review?
5. If the answer to Q4 is yes, what criteria do you use to identify cluster sites or sites needing a safety scheme?
6. Do you use any software to help assessment collisions and identify concern sites? If so, what software.
7. Do you use a risk based approach to CIP? If so, please provide the criteria you use.
8. Do you use a GIS based system to map collisions or road characteristic to give roads a risk score or red, amber, green rating?
9. If you answered yes to question 8, can you provide the detail of how this risk score is achieved and confirm whether this information is publicly available via an online mapping system?
10. How many road safety schemes do you deliver on an annual basis?
11. What is your annual budget for road safety schemes?
12. How many potential schemes so you have for future deliver pending prioritisation or budget?
13. What level of funding would be require for your to deliver all known pipeline or potential road safety schemes.
14. Do you look for sites where there is a higher risk of collisions occurring based on the characteristics of the road or does your prioritisation focus on past collision numbers?

Response 05.03.21

1. Yes.

2. See copy of Road Safety Plan here.

3. N/A.

4. Yes.

5. We take a route approach to road safety as there are very few accident clusters.  Much of our road network is rural with accidents dispersed across it.

6. iMAAP

7. No.

8. Yes.

9. We undertake road condition surveys to determine areas where there is a risk of loss of control accidents. The conditions of the roads is categorised with red, amber, green rating. Results are mapped for internal use only.

10. 3 to 5 depending on scale of schemes.

11. £130,000

12. At this time, 50.

13. Approximately £500,000 per annum for at least 10 years.

14. We look for sites/routes where there is a higher risk of collision.

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