FOI Request - Selective Licensing Scheme

Request 101002701579

I am emailing to request the following information regarding your Selective Licensing Scheme (if you have one in place), which affects privately rented properties.

1. What was the estimated number of properties that were thought to require a Selective License from the outset? (This is the assumed number before inception of the scheme).
2. How many licenses have been granted? (Please provide breakdown by month and year)
3. How many properties are the Council aware of, that are unlicensed and require a license?

Response 16-02-2021

Selective Licensing Schemes may be set up in England and Wales in terms of Part 3 of Housing Act 2004.
The Act does not apply to Scotland and we can therefore confirm, in accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, that this information is not held. .

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