FOI Request - IT Infrastructure and Security Systems

Request 101002709601

1.     Who is the current provider for the council’s network infrastructure? - When considering network infrastructure this is specifically the switching hardware and wireless access points that may be deployed throughout the council’s estate and associated cabling etc.
2.     How many sites does the council have responsibility for that require a network infrastructure as detailed above?
3.     What manufacturer does the council use for the above-mentioned network infrastructure?
4.     What are the approximate number of network switches deployed throughout the estate?
5.     What are the approximate number of wireless access points deployed across the estate?
6.     What is the latest Wi-Fi version the council support i.e. 802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax
7.     Does the council provide public Wi-Fi access via its network infrastructure and wireless access points it has deployed?
8.     How often do the council refresh the deployed network infrastructure?
9.     When do the existing contracts for the switching network and wireless network expire?
10.  What vendor currently provides the council’s cyber security system?
11.  How many users utilise the cyber security solution?
12.  How often does the cyber security solution get refreshed or upgraded?
13.  Who provides the current cyber security solution? I.e. is this direct with the software company or through a partner?
14.  When do the existing contracts for the current cyber security solution expire?
15.  How do the council purchase new hardware is this via a standard industry framework agreement or directly to the market via an open tendering process?
16.  Does the council have a fully defined IT strategy?
17.  If the answer to question 10 is yes can a copy be provided?
18.  Can the council provide a copy of the IT departments organisational chart or if not available a list of the names and roles of those people that work in it.
19.  Finally, can the council confirm if the IT department make the final decisions with regards to purchasing new solutions for the IT environment.

Response 18.03.21

Please see document located here.

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