FOI Request - Waste Management

Request 101002710868

1 What company or companies hold the current contract for removal of domestic and commercial waste within your authority?

2 What is the length of term of the contract(s)?

3 What is the total value of the contract(s)?
4 Please provide 5 years of data if possible, for:
• Annual volume of waste sent to landfill
• Annual volume of waste recycled
• Annual volume of waste incinerated
• Annual volume of waste sent outwith the UK
5 If waste is incinerated, which facility is used for the incineration?

6 If waste is incinerated, is the residual ash processed for decontamination?  
If yes, which facility is used for this?
If yes, what percentage of the residual ash from incineration goes to landfill and If this is less than 100%, where does the remainder go?

7 What waste is recycled?  E.g., Glass, garden, etc.

8 What are the Council’s longer-term plans to achieve the Scottish Government landfill targets?

9 How much has the Council spent on recycling programmes over the past 5 years (please provide annual data)

10 Does your current policy include plans for increased recycling?  If yes, what are the targets?

Response 15-03-2021

Please find the requested information attached here

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