FOI Request - Covid-19 Home-Testing Kits

Request 101002713419

Are library workers being provided with Covid-19 home-testing kits considering libraries are due to open in a few weeks time?

Are you providing home testing kits for other council employees who work with the public – e.g. education? If so, which groups of employees are being provided with tests?

How frequently are these home testing kits provided to employees and over what period of time?

Response 18.03.21

1. Libraries staff are not being provided with home-testing kits.  We have had no indication that Libraries in Scotland are to re-open in a few weeks' time.

2. All staff working in schools, early learning centres and Health & Social Care have been invited to participate in self testing.

3. Staff are provided with a 12 week supply of tests that they are required to administer twice weekly.

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