FOI Request - Hub Placements

Request 101002677368

Please provide, through a freedom of information request if necessary, the number of pupils refused a place in the hub, the number of moray Council employees children with a place in the hub, and the details of any policy that gives priority to Moray Council employees children and allow a place in the hub when other childcare options are available.

Clarification Received 19.02.21:
The requestor would like to receive information relating to Hubs in 2020 as well as current lockdown childcare arrangements.

Response 03.03.21

Hub Category: Number of
Months of Operation Total Number
of Requests
(Cat 1-3)
Total Places Allocated
(Cat 1-3)
Key worker children and young people take up
(daily max)
Total number of childcare places allocated to Moray Council Employees*
Phase 1 Hubs (Term 4 2020 Lockdown)
Critical Emergency Childcare and Learning
8 + ELC March-June
703 701 272 89
Phase 2 Hubs (Summer Holiday 2020)
Critical Emergency Childcare
(reduced from 8)
473 303 132 33
Phase 3 Hubs
(Term 3 2021 Lockdown)
Critical key worker childcare
51 Schools + ELC January-March 2021 2752 2057 1140 757

*not all attend every day, variable due to nature of childcare arrangements as with overall key worker daily max uptake compared with total places allocated

There is no policy that gives priority to Moray Council employee children to allow a place in the hub when other childcare options are available, where all requests are reviewed on a case by case basis using information entered on e-form requests, with central review (Stage 1) and school moderation of local authority decision (Stage 2).   This is to ensure equity and fairness in our allocations process to all children attending Moray schools and ELC settings, regardless of the parent’s employer based on their key worker status and circumstances as entered on e-form request.  

Almost all requests were granted (Phase 1) for lockdown 1 where attendance was much lower than requests made.  Summer Hub requests (Phase 2) were lower with criteria applied around key worker status.  Attendance was lower once again.  At lockdown 2 (Phase 3) where more businesses were operations – however, not necessarily critical key worker businesses – more requests were received but not as many were honoured due to key worker status of both parents not meeting critical key worker criteria.  Moray Council is one of the largest employers in the area, hence, high number of requests for critical key worker childcare.  

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