FOI Request - Staff Bicycles

Request 101002727187

1. How many bicycles were purchased for use by staff 2. At what cost to the public 3. Their usage 4. How many are in storage (excluding the 2 being left to rot including accessories in the annexe car park)or disposed of.

Response 26.03.21

1. 10 staff pool bikes were purchased in 2015

2. No cost to the public.

3. Prior to lockdown in 2019, the pool bikes were being used on occasion by various members of staff, but regularly by 2 or 3 staff members. Usage has fallen since lockdown last March, as the majority of staff are working from home. No bookings have been made through the booking system in 12 months. All bookings have been direct requests for longer term use.

4. We currently have 3 of the 10 in storage. 3 have been issued to staff members to use during site visits and for travel between office buildings during Covid, and 4 are on loan to Outfit Moray to help in delivering Bikeability to older primary school pupils.

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