EIR Request - Dog Mess in Forres

Request 101002748973

1. How many reports have they had of this in Forres over the last year/months?

2. Where is the problem most prevalent here?

3. How many fines have been handed out in Moray during the last year?

4. And what has the team been doing to prevent it?

Response 25.03.21

1. For the period 01 March 2020 to 28 February 2021;

Month/Year Number Received
March 2020 1
April 2020 0
May 2020 1
June 2020 0
July 2020 1
August 2020 0
September 2020 1
October 2020 3
November 2020 2
December 2020 1
January 2021 2
February 2021 1
Total 13

2. The area that received most complaints was Bogton Road with 5 of the 13

3. Nil.

4.Information on dog fouling can be found on the Moray Council Website at http://www.moray.gov.uk/moray_standard/page_43392.html
On request Community Wardens may provide posters in an area affected by dog fouling.
If someone wishes to report a dog owner who doesn’t clean up after their dog giving a statement with details of the offender, the dog, and  a note of the time and place the incident occurred,  our Community Wardens will decide whether the matter can be taken further. The more accurate and specific the information that is provided, the greater the chance that this will result in a dog fouler being penalised with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

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