Litter Management

We manage litter and street cleaning because it has a range of effects on our community. Not only is it aesthetically unsightly but it can impact on our environment and our health.

Information on Litter Management can be found here

Report a litter problem

Grass Cutting in Public Areas - Verges

Our Lands & Parks team carry out grass cutting on verges for our Roads Maintenance team who manage circa 1000 miles of roads across Moray. Roadside grass cutting usually begins in May and continues September.  A one metre grass width is cut with increased areas of grass cutting at public road junctions to provide improved visibility for road users.

‘A’ class roads receive two grass cuts per year. All other roads receive one grass cut per year.

For efficiency a programme of grass cutting is followed rather than responding to localised requests for cutting.   Note – Trunk Roads (e.g. A96 and A95 west of Keith) are not maintained by Moray Council.

You can find further information on grass cutting in public areas or report a concern about the condition of grass in a public area here

Planting in road verges

Planting of trees, shrubs, grass or other plants, by person other than the roads authority requires authorisation by the Council. After due consideration, authorisation if granted will be given in writing and subject to conditions to ensure the safety and convenience of road users or protect the apparatus of statutory undertakers. Under no circumstance will planting be permitted within 1m of the edge of carriageway.

Further details can be provided by contacting

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