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Grass Cutting in Public Areas

Each year, between April and October, we routinely cut more than 7 million square metres of grass across Moray’s land, parks and countryside. Grass edging is carried out on alternate visits to sites, whereas grass clippings are not routinely collected.

Report a concern about the condition of grass in a public area

The following arrangements are in place for the 2020/21 grass cutting season.

What other options are being considered?

Community empowerment

Across Moray local communities have expressed willingness to help with grass cutting, but the kind of help offered differs in each area (e.g. individuals or groups  volunteering  or communities wanting to engage local contactors) this means that we need to work out the legal and other implications for each option and this takes time to do.

Community Asset Transfer provides a range of options for transferring responsibility to the community, including management agreements, leases and a full transfer of title. Communities wanting to find out more about this option can email to discuss options.

Any community groups looking to get involved with grass cutting on land that we own can email: to discuss options.  We’ll make every effort to get through as many of these enquiries before the start of this year’s grass cutting season, however if there is a high volume of enquiries this may not be possible. For this reason, members have been encouraged to open a dialogue with their local communities on this issue since the grass cutting changes were first discussed in late 2018.


We’re working to offer a number of new and dynamic sponsorship and advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes, with a view to these meeting the costs of improved maintenance and grass cutting, though it’s unlikely that this will be in place for the current grass cutting season.

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