Grass cutting Q&A

1. I think the grass near my house has been missed, will you send someone out to cut it?
Information on grass cutting frequencies can be found here.   If after 10 days the grass remains uncut, please complete this e-form to report this matter to us and we will investigate the reasons for this.  Subject to available resources we may attend before the next cutting rotation.

2. Why doesn’t the Council strim the edges and cut the grass at the same time?
We have reduced the frequency of strimming operations we carry out each year which means that grass edges are now strimmed on every alternative visit (monthly).

3. How often does the grass get cut?
We aim to cut the majority of grass in public areas on a fortnightly basis from April to October. In some locations we have changed our grass cutting regimes to leave more grass longer for wildlife and to allow wild flowers to grow.

4. Why don’t grass clippings get picked up?
Grass clippings provide essential nutrients back into the soil and help to maintain a healthy area of grass. Removing grass clippings requires additional resources which could be allocated to more important tasks.

5. What to do about dog fouling mess on open spaced grass areas?
You can find more information on dog fouling and how to report a dog fouling issue here.

6. Why do the Council no longer cut an area of grass?
We no longer cuts grass where the land is not owned by the Council. Areas not cut by the Council are listed here.

7. Can the Council prevent young people from playing ball games on an area of grass?
The Council do not discourage children from playing outside and from enjoying leisure and sporting activities on open space areas.  

8. When do you cut back the daffodils and crocuses?
Daffodils and crocuses will be cut back once the plants have fully flowered which is usually around June.

9. Do you provide private grass cutting?
No. If however you live in a Council property and you are unable to cut your grass and require assistance, please refer to the assisted grass cutting page.

10. When do you cut the grass at road verges?
We have 4 tractor operators who cut grass verges adjacent to roads from mid-May to September. Class A roads are cut twice yearly with a third cut when resources allow, other road classes are cut once a year.  You can find further information here on verge maintenance.

11. Why do the Council cut the grass in the rain?
Owing to limited resources and our aim to follow the grass cutting frequencies as closely as we can we will usually only suspend grass cutting during really heavy periods of rain.  

12. Do you maintain sports fields and pitches?
We maintain amenity playing fields and informal kick about areas. For further information on sport pitches please contact Sports and Leisure

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