Outdoor Access in Moray

Moray is a superb environment with a wealth of outdoor experiences to enjoy.

Increasingly outdoor access has become a key service area of local authorities like us, and we have duties to allow members of the public a right of responsible access to our countryside. The duties under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 include: producing a Core Paths Plan, upholding access rights by resolving issues/disputes, supporting a Local Outdoor Access Forum and promoting the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

We are also committed to a community and partnership-based approach to unlocking the economic, social and environmental benefits to be gained from the development of outdoor access.

Please feel free to contact the Councils Access Officer to find out more or if you have a particular query or issue, Contact morayaccess@moray.gov.uk

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Countryside Officer

The Moray Countryside Officer is responsible for the practical management of the Speyside Way and other core path networks within Moray.

We have 1 full time Countryside Officer who predominantly works on the Speyside Way but also on other Core Paths and other Council owned and managed wildlife areas e.g. The Wards and  Millbuies.  His duties include; keeping core paths open and free of obstructions, path improvements, way marking, clearing trees from countryside footpaths, engaging with the public on countryside access and responsibilities and leading volunteer groups for countryside projects.

The council has a duty to sustain and improve biodiversity and to encourage people to engage in the outdoors, this is achieved through several projects which get groups involved in helping and valuing wildlife and the countryside. Projects the Countryside Officer is involved include working with local communities and schools to protect maintain and improve shared open spaces and countryside routes.  If you wish to enquire about a Core Path or countryside issue please contact morayaccess@moray.gov.uk


Volunteers are greatly appreciated to help out in some of our projects and maintenance. If you would like find out more about volunteering or you are part of an organization that would like to volunteer or would like some aid and advice, please contact us.

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